Co-founder &Three Collective

1. In one sentence tell us what &Three Collective is?

&Three Collective is a boutique travel company specialising in awe-inspiring experiences in Africa.

2. What is the inspiration behind the name and why did you start the company?

The three of us met as expats living in London, and traveled together in search of the wild and the beautiful, the luxurious, and the private.  During our collective years in the travel industry and growing up in Africa, we saw the disintegration of the personal touch in travel to Africa as well-known companies claiming to be personal expanded and lost that touch.

Our company is based on connection. Independent and personal by design, we understand what our travelers want and we connect them with our local friends, colleagues and families on the ground in Africa to create experiences only locals can.

We built &Three because we had to – the tug of connecting people to foreign soil wouldn’t relent! It’s not hyperbolic for us to say that travel is transformative; that it can steer the course of your life. Every journey we plan is designed with this truth in mind.

The value for the traveler is our collaborative process, our collective knowledge, and our unique connection to those on the ground.

3. Tell us the most memorable experience you have helped a client create?

At the high end, we arranged for surprise helicopters to whisk a couple spending their 50th birthdays off to a fly camp on a remote island in a lake where a luxury camp was set up with hot bucket showers, camp fires, gourmet food under the stars, and it could only be reached by heli. Seriously off the grid and not in the travel guides!

At the low-key end, we arranged for an adventurous and spiritual walking safari for a family with 3 active boys where Samburu tribesmen walked with them sharing their lives and land, their belongings transported by camel from camp to camp. There is no better way for families to connect than time in nature and with ancient tribes providing perspective. 

Our ultimate goal, no matter the budget or location, is to cultivate connection, spontaneity and perspective.

4. Let us in on a seriously hidden gem in Africa?

Well now, I can’t really tell you that, can I?! ( I will tell you, my favourite countries are Kenya and Botswana and there are some interesting new arrivals to the safari scene!)

5. What is the next big adventure for the gorgeous and extraordinary Stephanie Capuano?

I’m currently planning a women’s trip to Botswana in October! We have been seeing an increase in women’s group travel as many of us see our kids go off to university and our roles shifting. Many of us are trying to find our new purpose, if you will, and these spiritual and adventurous trips to the remote parts of the world give us the opportunity to connect with friends and nature, get perspective and reset as we head into the next phase in life.