Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert

1 – In one sentence tell us what you do?

I help Dads lose the stomach fat and rebuild their energy, without long workouts or giving up beer.

2 – What do you predict to be the biggest trends in Health and Fitness this year?

The biggest trend in health and fitness this year will be ‘360 Wellness’… with the 360 referring to degrees. It’s a broader approach which pays more attention to the less obvious aspects of what actually makes us feel great, like regular movement, better mobility, improved sleep quality and looking after your mental health.

3 – Are you noticing more of your clients choosing to be vegetarian or vegan?

Yes I am! And my own repertoire has expanded over the last few years to include vegetarian and vegan varieties.

4 – What would you say are a few health benefits of adopting a more Plant Based diet?

Switching to a more plant-based diet means you’ll almost certainly be eating a higher fibre, more nutrient-dense diet. You’ll be feeling fuller while ingesting less calories and providing the body with more variety of the things which help it work best. You’ll reduce inflammation in your body, reduce your risk of a host of ailments, and of course it’s good for the environment.

5 – No matter if you eat meat or not, what is the best tip you can give your client looking to maintain or up their fitness game?

My best tip would be to aim for ‘small and consistent’ with your fitness goals, or dietary changes. Aim small, get it done and build on those little successes.

6 – What is next for Ayo Williams?

I’ll carry on helping as many people as I can look and feel great, with real-life coaching tailored to be effective and fun.